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(Item-13001) Archipelago Church 5.00 5.00
(Item-13011) Resurrection? 5.00 5.00
(Item-13010) The Drama of Quantities 5.00 5.00
(Item-13012) Thy Kingdom Come? 5.00 5.00
(Item-13013) Death? 5.00 5.00
(Item-15002) Newman to Converts: An Existential Ecclesiology 24.00 24.00
(Item-12019) Maybe Alone in the Universe, After All 3.00 3.00
(Item-15005) Newman's Challenge 10.00 10.00
(Item-15010) Neo-Arianism as Foreseen by Newman 16.00 16.00
(Item-12017) Christ and Science 3.00 3.00
(Item-12018) Giordano Bruno: A Martyr of Science? 3.00 3.00
(Item-15006) The Church of England as Viewed by Newman 20.00 20.00
(Item-12022) The One True Fold: Newman and His Converts 3.00 3.00
(Item-12015) The Creator's Sabbath Rest: A Clue to Genesis 1 3.00 3.00
(Item-15011) Justification as Argued by Newman 22.00 22.00
(Item-15007) Apologetics as Meant by Newman 28.00 28.00
(Item-12020) Galileo Lessons 3.00 3.00
(Item-12021) Jesus, Islam, Science 3.00 3.00
(Item-12016) To Rebuild Or Not To Try? 3.00 3.00
(Item-12023) 1987 Templeton Prize 7.00 7.00
(Item-13016) The Virgin Birth and the Birth of Science 3.00 3.00
(Item-15012) Converts to Rome 12.00 12.00
(Item-13002) Original Sin? 5.00 5.00
(Item-12004) Through Moral Crises to Catholicism 5.00 5.00
(Item-12014) La Unidad Cerebro-Mente: Una Diferencia muy Extrana 3.00 3.00
(Item-13007) Why Believe in Jesus? 5.00 5.00
(Item-13017) Advent and Science 9.00 9.00
(Item-13008) Why Believe in the Church? 5.00 5.00
(Item-13006) Why the Question: Is There a Soul? 5.00 5.00
(Item-15013) Converts From Britain and Ireland in the 19th Century 14.00 14.00
(Item-15015) The Code Revealed The fantasies in The Da Vinci Code and historical truth 12.00 12.00
(Item-11014) Fundamentos Eticos de la Bioetica 12.00 12.00
(Item-13009) Why the Mass? 5.00 5.00
(Item-13005) Why the Question: Is there a God? 5.00 5.00
(Item-15014) Jewish Converts 3.00 3.00
(Item-12011) The Sun's Miracle, or of Something Else? 3.00 3.00
(Item-12002) The Garden of Eden: Why? Where? When? How Long? 3.00 3.00
(Item-12005) Science and Religion: A Primer 3.00 3.00
(Item-12009) Intelligent Design? 3.00 3.00
(Item-12001) The Drama of Guadalupe 3.00 3.00
(Item-12010) Darwin's Designs 3.00 3.00

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