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TC 13 Round Madeira Tablecloth

Price: 45.00

TC 169 Vintage Square Linen Tablecloth with Handmade Lace and Embroidery

Price: 85.00

TC 63 Vintage Handmade White Tablecloth

Price: 79.95

TC 127 Vintage White Linen Tablecloth Handmade Lace and Embroidery

Price: 75.00

TC 156 Vintage Tablecloth Arts and Crafts Hand Embroidered Southern Belles

Price: 39.95

TC-153 Vintage Roses Tablecloth Handmade Lace Signed and Dated

Price: 35.00

TC 130 Vintage Army-Navy, Checkerboard Lace and Whitework Tablecloth

Price: 45.00

TC 128 Vintage Handmade Geometric Lace Tablecloth

Price: 65.00

TC 135 Vintage Handmade Figural Lace Tablecloth

Price: 49.95

TC 161 Vintage Handmade Battenberg and Irish Lace Tablecloth

Price: 95.00

TC 92 Vintage Battenberg and Drawnthread Lace

Price: 95.00

TC 100 Tablecloth and 6 Napkins White Organdy Applique

Price: 85.00

H 2698 Vintage Victorian Piano Scene Hankie

Price: 28.00

H 3307 Vintage Best Wishes Hankie

Price: 15.95

H 3405 Vintage Child's Birds Hankie

Price: 8.95

H 3403 Vintage Hankie Victorian Gossiping Girls

Price: 14.95

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