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R-312 Vintage Italian Tapestry - Table Runner

Price: 24.95

PIC 6 Blue Embroidered God Bless Our Home

Price: 24.95

Whimsey 1 Handmade Whimsy Cup

Price: 12.95

PIC 13 Redwork Wall Hanging Pillow Sham Cinderella

Price: 75.00

PIC 3 Painting Sleeping Beauty Cherubs

Price: 65.00

PIC 4 Dutch Scene

Price: 15.00

D 70 Figural Lace Hanging

Price: 9.95

PIC 1 Embroidered Shepherd Picture

Price: 12.95

TT-134 Vintage Embroidered Traycloth

Price: 12.95

BP 1 Victorian Boudoir Panel

Price: 22.00

PIC Vintage Pave Embroidered Roses On Black Velvet

Price: 35.00

PIN 1 Handmade Figural Lace Pincushion

Price: 12.95

SAM 1 Sampler With People Letters

Price: 275.00

PIC-8 Antique Folk Art Wall Hanging

Price: 85.00

PIC 15 Vintage Figural Lace Wall Hanging Lord's Prayer

Price: 24.00

Shawl-1 Victorial Silk Piano or Lady's Shawl Scarf

Price: 425.00

R-171 Vintage Black Sambo Game

Price: 35.00

PIC 16 Handmade Figural Lace Patriotic Wall Hanging

Price: 45.00

PIC 14 Vintage Bluework Wall Hanging Pillow Sham

Price: 45.00

Curtain 1 Handmade Figural Lace Curtain

Price: 18.00

NP 1 Vintage Needlepoint River Scene

Price: 18.00

LF-14 Vintage Whitework Lingerie Folder

Price: 19.95

HB-25 Vintage White Linen Embroidered Rose Hanky Bag

Price: 16.95

HB-19 Vintage Forget-Me-Nots Hanky Folder

Price: 14.95

LF 1 Society Silk Lingerie Folder

Price: 45.00

HB-18 Extra Large Needlepoint and Petit Point Handbag

Price: 49.95

BC-2 Vintage Book Cover For Journal or Diary Handmade Cutwork Lace

Price: 29.95

LF-3 Victorian Redwork Nightgown Bag

Price: 35.00

HB-23 Vintage Handmade Blue and Pink Satin Hanky Bag

Price: 18.00

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