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N 251 6 Vintage Cream-Colored Linen Napkins Madeira Hand Embroidery

Price: 39.95

N 217 12 Vintage Linen Napkins with Handmade Lace

Price: 75.00

N 113 12 Vintage Figural Damask Napkins

Price: 95.00

N-257 6 Vintage Linen Napkins Red and White Damask with Fringe

Price: 29.95

N-262 11 Vintage White Figural Damask Napkins with Cherubs or Mermaids

Price: 95.00

N 153 8 Vintage Napkins With Circle of Roses

Price: 49.95

N-168 4 Vintage Handmade Napkins

Price: 19.95

N 222 6 Vintage Napkins Organdy Inserts Satin Appliques

Price: 39.95

N-200 6 Vintage White Linen Napkins Figural Lace Butterflies

Price: 24.95

N 256 8 Vintage White Napkins with Exquisite Whitework

Price: 45.00

N-266 12 Vintage White Linen Napkins Alencon Lace

Price: 65.00

N 54 6 Vintage Figural Lace Napkins

Price: 35.00

N 263 12 Vintage Ecru Linen Napkins

Price: 69.95

N-107 6 Vintage White Irish Linen Damask Napkins

Price: 24.95

N 176 7 Vintage Linen Napkins Pastel Applique

Price: 29.95

N-193 8 Vintage Linen Napkins Handmade Lace

Price: 49.95

N 177 10 Vintage White Linen Napkins with Point de Paris and Reticella Lace

Price: 225.00

N 234 9 Vintage White Linen Damask Napkins

Price: 49.95

N 63 12 Vintage Blue Linen Damask Napkins

Price: 45.00

N 240 11 Vintage Figural Damask Napkins Courting Couple and Wedding Bells

Price: 125.00

H 4260 Vintage Floral Print Hanky Secret Message For Mother

Price: 18.00

H 4481 Vintage Handmade Hankie Monogrammed P

Price: 14.95

H-4457 Vintage Hanky Scenes of Monte Carlo

Price: 12.95

H 3258 Vintage Irish Linen Hanky with Deep Handmade Lace

Price: 12.95

H 4392 Vintage Monogram P Hankie

Price: 11.95

H 3760 Vintage Irish Linen Hankie Handmade Irish Lace Flower

Price: 12.95

H 4104 Vintage Irish Linen Ruffled Lace Hankie

Price: 10.95

Shams 10 Pair Antique Pillow Shams Momogrammed R

Price: 95.00

PC 35 Pair Envelope Pillowcases

Price: 35.00

PC 5 Figural Lace Pillow Sham Cherub

Price: 25.00

Shams-26 Pair Vintage Layover Pillow Shams Figural Lace Love Birds

Price: 65.00

Shams 25 Pair Vintage Redwork Pillow Shams

Price: 85.00

Sham 40 Vintage Pillow Sham with Cutwork Lace

Price: 59.95

SHAMS-31 Pair Antique Pillow Shams with Whitework Monogrammed J

Price: 55.00

SHAM-34 84 inch Layover Pillow Sham Handmade Battenberg Lace

Price: 45.00

PC-41 Vintage Whitework Pillowcases

Price: 35.00

PC-49 Pair Vintage Embroidered Pillowcases

Price: 29.99

Sham 16 Bluework Pillow Sham Angels

Price: 24.99

PC 34 Envelope Pillowcase

Price: 19.95

PC-57 Society Silk Violets Pillow Cover

Price: 24.00

PC-72 Vintage Satin and Lace Boudoir Pillowcase

Price: 35.00

SHAM-39 Vintage White Layover Pillow Sham Monogrammed M

Price: 39.99

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