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Product Quantity Price Amount
Cloche Film S600_S800 Delete201.25 201.25
Micro Mesh MICRO_2L Delete251.00 251.00
Commercial Cloche Pack S1500H Delete245.00 245.00
Cloche Film S1000 Small Delete94.30 94.30
MrVeg4m-3frames-5.5mMesh Delete105.00 105.00
Cloche Film S600P Delete143.76 143.76
MrVeg9m-7frames-10.5mMesh Delete198.00 198.00
Big Broc 4m - 3 frames - 5m Mesh Delete82.00 82.00
Commercial Cloche Pack S1000H Delete201.28 201.28
MrVeg6m-5frames-7.5mMesh Delete149.00 149.00
S1500_1000HP Delete135.70 135.70
Berryman 4m - 3 frames - 5m Plastic Delete68.00 68.00
MelonCauli6m-5frames-7mPlastic Delete86.00 86.00
Melon Cauli 4m - 3 frames - 5m Mesh Delete80.00 80.00
Starter4m-3frames-5mPlastic Delete45.00 45.00
MelonCauli9m-7frames-10mPlastic Delete110.00 110.00
Berryman 4m - 3 frames - 5m Mesh Delete85.00 85.00
MrVeg9m-7frames-10.5mPlastic Delete186.00 186.00

All prices are in NZ Dollars and include GST TOTAL 2,466.29

Shipping is not included in the price and will vary depending on destination and weight of the items ordered. Once we receive your order we will advise the shipping cost so you can include it in your payment.

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