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Blue Plasters Std 71mmx25mm Bulk Box 1000

Price: 150.00

Splinter probes blister pack box of 100 SKUSpliProb100

Price: 15.00

Absorbent Fibre 15kg 7.9L Sku SPAbsFib15kg

Price: 34.00

Absorbent Fibre Pillow

Price: 10.00

Splinter probes blister pack of 5 SKU

Price: 1.20

Flat Thermometer SKUTheFlat

Price: 4.50

Synthetic Drum top absorbent pad Oil No.1 Sku SPAbsOil DrumPad 1pads

Price: 5.00

Plastic Disposable Tweezers SKUTwePlasDis

Price: 0.80

Infrared Ear Thermometer SKUTheInfraEar

Price: 35.00

Medium Rescue Shears Blue Handle SKUSciShearm

Price: 2.80

Granular absorbent packaged in plastic bag 5 kg Sku SPAbsGran5kg

Price: 13.50

ProSafety NZ large Industrial /warehouse kit up to 50people

Price: 159.00

4 Drum Spill Containment Pallet Sku SPDrumPallet4

Price: 842.00

Oricom Infrared Thermometer NFS100 SKUTheOricom

Price: 84.00

Braun Thermoscan Lens Filter covers bag of 40 SKUTheBraunlensfil40

Price: 19.50

Robust carry bag for Spill Block Socks and Drain Mats Sku SPSpilBlocMatBag

Price: 78.00

Synthetic Drum top absorbent pad Oil No.12 Sku SPAbsOil DrumPad 12pads

Price: 33.00

Metal Tweezers Sharp pointed Large 13cm SKUTweSharpL

Price: 2.80

Digital Thermometer SKUTheDig

Price: 10.00

Absorbent Fibre Filled Boom 3m x18cm Sku SPAbsFibBm3X18

Price: 110.00

Large Plastic Shovel Sku SPPlasShovel

Price: 96.00

Refill for large industrial /warehouse first aid kit up 50 people

Price: 90.00

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